Summer Fare: Melted Salmon
July 20, 2011

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There is something just so summery about this dish … all lemony and thymey. It has a sort of urban flair at a cottage pace.  The salmon is baked lowly and slowly and the fat melts away, leaving the most moist and delectable fishyflesh. Mmmm.

Serves 4 and takes +- 45 minutes, including those spent making rice and salad, socializing and playing Simon Says.

Preheat oven to 275°

Four ingredients, if you can credit that:

1 gorgeous piece of salmon, about 12 oz, skin on (and the faithful will know what the parentheses mean: please feel free to adjust the size of the fillet to accommodate your guests and their appetites, salmon steaks would be lovely too … just remember to adjust the cooking time accordingly), 1 and 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, about 2 tablespoons fresh thyme, the zest of half a lemon, and slices of the other half to serve.

Place the fish, skin side down on a small baking sheet (perhaps like the one from the toaster oven?) that has been foiled and oiled. Put the thyme and the lemon zest in a small bowl with the remaining olive oil and let them mingle for a few minutes, maybe while you put the rice on. Brush the salmon with the oil mixture and pop it in the oven.

Simple as that, and you wont believe the sweet alchemy that takes place in your oven over the next 25 – 30 minutes, depending on the thickness. Check it when you start to smell it – make a small incision and have a peek – it should still be a wee bit wet inside, but separate easily in sections.

I just know you’ll love this meal. And it doesn’t leave you feeling all gross on these steamy, sweltering evenings. I’ve made it twice already this summer; the first time we were so filled with hungry anticipation that I forgot to take a picture and the second  time I took beautiful shots despite our ravenousness, but then I lost my camera. I don’t mind making it again soon, and a pic will appear then. Not fine dining. Superfine dining.

Now I’m going to go jump in a lake … wahoo!