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Risotto, the morning after
April 4, 2011

So, the guests have gone. Or not. The sun has come up. The dishes are piled high, this place must get straightened up and putting last night’s dirty napkins in the laundry means an upwards toss. Everyone is dopey and hungry. Coffee’s brewing and even that took energy. I do not feel like making a full-on breakfast for everyone. I don’t think people realize what a lot of work the whole bacon-and-eggs-potatoes-and-toast-plus-something-fresh meal really is. The trick is getting it all to the table hot.

I used to work at a café where the kitchen was like yours or mine – probably more like mine – very basic, four electric burners, two slots in the toaster, one coffee maker. It was also arguably the home of the most popular breakfasts in town. A university town. With lots of young families. The place had probably thirty seats in the winter and eighty come summer, and as those seats filled up with the bleary-eyed and starving the two people on shift started sweating. Sometimes people waited a long, long time for their omelets and brown. But everyone was basically happy as long as we could get a handle on two basic things: get the coffee and oj flowing, and above all else, feed the kids first.

But this morning doesn’t have to be hectic because the coffee is ready, Ivy is eating berries with Papa and we, you and I, made a lot of risotto last night. You might have wondered why I gave you directions for eight to ten servings. This beautiful morning is why.

Press the cold, left-over risotto into the bottom of a dry non-stick fry-pan. Put it on the burner over medium heat and forget about it.

This risotto pancake will take the place of both the potatoes and the bacon of a traditional diner breakfast, so now all there is to do is make your simplest scrambled eggs (mine go slowly with sweet, unsalted butter and nothing else) and put someone on toast detail.

Oh ya, just one more thing:
When the whole risotto pancake will slide in the pan with a firm shake, it is time to flip it. Just check it after about ten minutes and if it wont budge, give it some more time. Now, gather your nerve and your upper arm strength, take a wide stance and a deep breath, make sure everyone’s watching and FLIP!


risotto latke
flip or fail spectacularly

Gather your peeps, cut up an orange and break-fast!


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Fogel Hoy
April 2, 2011


❤ on a O (love on a plate)

This exotic sounding delicacy is really just a mixed-up way of making french toast. I think it’s a better way, but perhaps that’s because it was a dietary staple of my childhood, made for me at least once a week by my Mum or my Grosli and let’s face it, the way we first met the foods we love will always be the best way. Or maybe it really is better because the bread gets all buttery/toasty first, and then the egg comes along so there’s never any mushy undercooked middle bits.

My Grosli (short form of Großmutter, grandmother in German and Swiss-German) was from Switzerland and I think the name comes from Vogelhuis which means ‘bird house’. I guess it got broken telephoned over the oceans and the decades, but we’ve always called it Fogel Hoy, and it wouldn’t make a very good home for a bird anyway.
It does however, make my little chicky chirp.

Prep time: no more than 10 minutes.

Use one egg (best if at room temp) and
about 1 tsp. cold butter
per slice of bread. We used a good multigrain today.
Pick either a pinch of cinnamon or a splash of vanilla.

Place the butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
Chop the bread into medium cubes and add to pan. It’s best if you get the cubes in before the butter has fully melted. That way as you stir the bread around more of it gets coated as the butter melts, making for greater golden toasty surface area. I hope that’s clear – it will be when you try it.

As the bread toasts up in the pan whisk the eggs together and add the cinnamon or vanilla. Once the bread is mostly golden pour the eggs all around and over it. Stir it all up. The eggs cook as soon as they hit the hot pan and toast, so from the pouring to the plate is only about 30 seconds to a minute.

This dish must be slathered in real maple syrup.

Sure beats worms!

Is this Ivy? Or me in the 70's? Or my mum in the 40's? Or Grosli in the 'teens? ...

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Banana & Cream Cheese Pancakes
March 12, 2011

Beautiful. Crowd pleasing. Pancakes, after all, and maple syrup. With melty gooey bananas and cream cheese inside. And if you were to put some finely-chopped walnuts in, it might spark a generations-long crunchy vs. smooth debate …. Go nuts. Ha ha.

Prep time: 15 minutes

Banana and Cream Cheese Pancake Recipe

YouTube Video

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Banana & Cream Cheese Pancake Recipe
March 11, 2011

We only had one egg, so we made this much (it was actually ample for the three of us):

one egg
3/4 cup milk
smidge nutmeg or vanilla (optional)
1 tbsp melted butter, cooled

3/4 cup unbleached white flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp table salt
chopped walnuts (or slivered almonds, maybe some chocolate chips or shredded coconut, optional)

150 grams cream cheese (1/2 brick)
1 or 2 ripe bananas

Heat a buttered skillet or griddle.
Mix wet ingredients well. Mix dry ingredients well. Make a well in the dry into which you pour the wet. Mix, but not too well – leave some small lumps.
The batter should be fairly wet so add more milk if necessary.
Let it rest for a moment while you blend the cream cheese and bananas with a wooden spoon.
Use a blender if you are frail or infirm.
Or get a kid to do it.
Otherwise work those biceps. Smoosh and breathe and smoosh. Good times.

Ladle two or three palm sized disks of batter into the hot pan. Let them set for a moment then spoon some filling on.
Now maybe make a cup of coffee or do some dancing.
When they’re ready to flip spoon some more batter on each pancake, but try not to let it spill over the side.

Serve with maple syrup and receive the kudos with saint style grace and satisfaction.

Et voila!

Banana & Cream Cheese Pancake Post

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