Carrot Cake, Redux

Hoppy Easter Everyone!


I used the same recipe as before  except I omitted the raisins, used way, way less sugar in the icing and, you know, got all fancy pants.


5 Responses

  1. Hope to see more posts…miss you.

    • That’s really nice to hear, thanks. I’ll be back soon. I guess I’m just experiencing a crisis of … what, relevance, maybe? I mean, does the world need another pasta recipe, however cleverly put? Perhaps what I should do is just write tips. Like if you’re making carrot cake, toss in some tinned pineapple bits. That post was about a million words long and really, that’s the good bit. Or leftover rizotto, crisped-up in the fry pan, makes good morning after brunch, so make a lot.
      I think I’m on to something. Good for tweeting too.
      Wow, thanks Karen.
      Also, I always read your blog posts. Jealously.

      • Don’t get discouraged with your blog…I think you might be on to something. I happy that you enjoy my posts…cooking, gardening, traveling. Your never know what to expect and you can do similar things with your blog. Karen

  2. I am going to try some of your yummy recipes. Before next Easter. Thanks!

    • Great, let me know how they turn out. Also, I take requests…

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