Beef Stew

Beef Stew 9am

Hooray for ubiquitous but delicious BEEF STEW!

A cold rainy Early March supper.*

Now, some might feel it’s a little dreary to be standing over a crock pot with your hands full of stewing beef at 9:00 in the morning.

It is, a bit.

But I’ll guarendamntee you, when you get in from those slushy streets, as you peel off those wet-frozen woolly mittens and wipe the sleet from your ear, prepare for a bear hug. When you smell this stew you will feel happy and self satisfied. And it’s the easiest meal. Ivy wasn’t actually a part of this one – she took the day off. And really, so did I. I didn’t even buy anything special. It’s just some cubed chuck I had in the in the freezer, some pantry staples and somewhere else we wanted to be today. Oh, there’s organic beer in there too. And your inspired addition(s) too, of course. Beef Stew Recipe

Presto Chango (well, if by presto we mean nine hours later)

So, Go out and chuck some epic snowballs, dodge falling icicles, get hither and yon, do whatever today and have this little beauty waiting for you at home:  a big pot of steamy, yummy love.

*Reminds me of a that Steven Wright joke: I went to a restaurant that serves breakfast any time. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.

Beef Stew Recipe

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